Mauricio Perez
Mauricio Perez is 17 and a senior here at Round Lake Senior High School. Perez has spent his years at RLHS participating in all kinds of sports, including cross country, track, and during his freshman year, he played football. He starts his days off by waking up, going to school, going home and working at a local Garden Fresh Market. He enjoys sushi and would like to get a dog. He has four siblings, one older and the rest younger making him almost a middle child. He is saving money to move out in Colorado, buy an apartment, and start a life there. Perez is looking forward to going into real estate and possibly starting his own company. He is interested in real estate because it’s possible to make really good money. However, if real estate doesn’t go well for him, Perez is also interested in pursuing a writing career, as writing is a major passion of his.

Mauricio Perez, Staff Writer

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Mauricio Perez