Mariah Contreras
Mariah Contreras is a senior here at Round Lake High School. She is interested in an array of literature, being in book club and is a very passionate writer of both novels and poetry. Her works are re-inventive, and she puts her own personal spin on many of the familiar subjects found in poetry. Contreras reflects her unique style not only throughout her writing, but through her fashion choices as well, always wearing very cute dresses despite being somewhat tomboyish. She attends art club and has a job at six flags, and is also very into anime (Her favorite anime being “RWBY”). She isn’t too big on being popular on social media, although she is very popular at the library. A few of her favorite book series are the Mortal Instruments, the Iron King series, and the Evermore series.

Now entering her second year of journalism, Mariah is 17 and will soon be leaving our school. Despite having a few struggles with grades and familial issues, this senior isn’t phased and still plans to go to college. Ideally, she would like to go to a university in Wisconsin in a few years, and maybe after that, go back to school for Creative Writing. For now, she would like to work with kids and teens like her after majoring in psychology.  She has three sisters and deals with her boyfriend's siblings, and as well as that, she experiences many interactions with many different people through her job at six flags. One day, Mariah would like to own a lovely little ranch, have a few kids and a few horses, and lots of open space to enjoy with her family.


Mariah Contreras, Staff Writer

Jan 31, 2017
Totally Booked For 2017 (Story)
Mariah Contreras