Kim Krieger
Kim Krieger, is a junior here at round lake high school, when asked to describe herself in three words she says she's “chunky but funky.” Krieger  is funny, a quick observation to make as she lists petting her fish among things people should know about her. (For the record, she has a dog, but feels like her pet fish needs some attention too.) Krieger's other pastimes include taking some time to play the guitar. But it's not all fun for Krieger. When it comes to science, she takes it serious because in her future, she wants to be a science engineer.

 Kim chose to join journalism because she has a big voice and enjoys writing and having people read her article. Her favorite thing to write are editorials, where she gets to express her view on a huge range of topics. Krieger is a very intelligent, funny girl who loves a good experiment and article to write.

Kim Krieger, Staff Writer

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Kim Krieger