John Brown
Being a straight-A student isn't an easy task;  just ask John Brown. He is one himself and knows how challenging it is to study hard and get those perfect grades. He believes having good grades is his own reward for putting all of his heart into school, especially now that he is in his junior year. Reading is an interest Brown took on and even finds time apart from his studying to read his favorite book, “Rebecca” by Daphne Du Maurier.  Besides books, Brown listens to rock and old hip-hop music and also shares a love for comedies like “Grown-Ups” and others in the same category.


Fears are one of the many things that controls humanity  sometimes, and for Brown the agitation of moving into a new environment and not knowing anybody is a bit scary. One interesting fact about Brown is that his middle name is after his great-grandfather who he would have loved to have met after hearing his family say so many good things about him. Assuredly, Brown has proven to have what it takes to join this journalism class by working hard and show that he can bring something to the table when it comes to creativity.

John Brown, Staff Writer

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John Brown