Chris Lazaro
Chris Lazaro is a junior at Round Lake Senior High School. He was originally from Chicago, but moved to RLHS during his sophomore year. At his old school, Chris was in a journalism class, so when he found out that RLHS had a journalism class, of course he wanted to get back in. With a passionate interest for video games, Lazaro loves Fortnite. As much as he loves playing video games though, Chris loves to play soccer. His favorite soccer team is Manchester United. He also likes to watch baseball (Pittsburgh Pirates) and his favorite movie is “Spirit.” Two things that Lazaro can’t live without is his family (his parents, his two sisters, and their cat) as well as his phone. 

Chris’s hope for the future would be to get a good career and make his family proud. At the moment, he has a job after school in which he enjoys, but Lazaro would like to be an architect when he gets older. It makes sense that he would want to be an architect since his favorite class is math, which is also something that he is very passionate about. 


Chris Lazaro, Staff Writer

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Chris Lazaro