Berenice Lazaro
Because this world is quickly learning to move faster and faster, people aren't focusing on patience, which is often the key to success.  Senior Berenice Lazaro, on the other hand, has learned to have patience through the smallest things—literally, she takes care of children!  Starting with babysitting her sister's children at a young age, she has learned how to work with them, which is now a very good skill of hers. Spending so much time with small children has helped her as a high school student to be open minded and see positive in things.


Lazaro’s patience exceeds dealing with kids and the stresses of high school. She is also willing to move at a slower pace if it means that she can get a little more enjoyment out of life. For instance,she mentioned if she had the opportunity to go to Seattle, she would rather go in car for if she sees something “interesting” along the way, she will stop and admire it . And when others would rather have their eyes on a small screen, she will choose to enjoy the amazing view of nature's beauty. She says it brings a sense of relief. She also enjoys to write on whatever topic interests her, always interest things which is why she chose to take journalism class. Lazaro is graduating high school in 2018 and all the things she accomplished during her high school career will help her succeed in her future.

Berenice Lazaro, Staff Writer

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Berenice Lazaro