Andrea Castaneda
Andrea Castaneda is an outgoing and passionate sophomore here at Round Lake High School. Outside of school, she has many responsibilities as an older sister which includes taking care of her two younger sisters. She also helps her mom out at a bakery, where she makes and decorates cakes. One person she looks up to is her mom because of the hard work and sacrifices she makes daily. One of her passions include writing which explains why she has such an interest in journalism this year.

Speaking of passions, one day Andrea hopes to write a book of her own as a writer. She also hopes to become a dermatologist so she can fulfill her lifelong dream to help people with the same skin issues as her. In 10 years, this young, self motivated girl sees herself traveling around the world and studying more about dermatology. Although, she may not be in any after school activities, we see how invested Andrea is in her future in writing and dermatology.


Andrea Castaneda, Staff Writer

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Andrea Castaneda