Paola Bahena
 Paola Bahena is a sixteen-year-old devoted junior at Round Lake High school. She enjoys listening to music, working out, writing and traveling in her spare time. A place she dreams of visiting is London, so that she can try the many unique different flavors of tea. Her goals are to work hard to get great grades in her classes and pass the SATs. These goals will hopefully help her accomplish her dreams of going to the University of Illinois to study to become a dentist. One of Bahena’s favorite classes is history because she enjoys learning about history’s past.  Bahena’s friends see her as a shy, clever and someone who is very loyal to the people she cares about.

She joined The Blaize because she believes the class gives a great opportunity to write, and express opinions.


Paola Bahena , Staff Writer

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Paola Bahena