Cindy Patino
We love a girl with 100% confidence just like Cindy Patino. She’s a junior at Round Lake Senior High School. When she’s older she would want to be highly involved in business because it’s important worldwide, Patino said. She’s inspired by her hardworking father, who she looks up to on a daily basis.

In her free time, Patino enjoys spending time with her family and friends since they mean a lot to her. If given a chance to travel anywhere around the world, Patino would pick Dubai, since she says it’s a beautiful city.

When it comes to writing, Patino doesn’t joke around because that’s her favorite subject and absolutely loves it. Since responsibility is one of Cindy’s strengths, she will use it to achieve her goals this school year which are to take honors-level classes and get her grades to the top. Just like herself, Patino hopes all the Round Lake Senior High School students assign goals to themselves to achieve this year.

Cindy Patino , Staff Writer

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Cindy Patino