Jayda Delatorre

Jayda Delatorre, Staff Writer

   If one were to think of this school as one big house, one would understand that every brick is a person and every brick that is laid makes this school what it is. There is one “brick” in this shiny new team of journalists that is in need of some recognition, 15-year-old sophomore Jadya Delatorre.

   This meme-loving bookworm may not be that into sports like many in the school, but where her heart lies is what matters. Delatorre’s plans for after attending this dramatic high school for two more years consists of joining the Peace Corps and working in Social Justice. Surely with the help of her favorite teacher, Mr. Howe, she will raise her hand through the clouds and reach her goal.

   Yet with her dreams pulling her to the sky, Delatorre has an amazing life where she’s at right now. She fills her life with music, poetry, and the color teal. She keeps herself busy with  Choir, Art Club, and Scholastic Bowl.

    Every person is a brick in this house of high school and Jayda Delatorre holds it up high with the power of her dreams as a true Round Lake High School Panther.

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Jayda Delatorre