Camila Lazaro

Camila Lazaro, Staff Writer

Camila Lazaro is a sophomore at Round Lake High School who moved to Round Lake last year in 2018. She is originally from Chicago In school, Lazaro enjoys working with other students in her favorite class, chemistry because she enjoys doing the labs with her group. Lazaro has an open mind for creativity in writing and her goal is to strive and contribute that into “The Blaize.” 

After school, Lazaro offers her hand in helping around the house by doing chores and watching her little sister with the help of her brother, Chris, who she couldn’t live without. After her duties are done she spends her free time going outside to play volleyball. Fun fact: Lazaro is the only green thumb in her family her bedroom is decorated head to toe with live plants. The Palm plant and succulent plant are her two favorites.  

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Camila Lazaro