Alondra Alvarez

Alondra Alvarez, Staff Writer

Being in a school with over 1,000 students,16 year-old Junior, Alondra Alvarez stands out and is one of a kind in her own unique way. Alvarez is a very compassionate and honest person who will tell the truth no matter what. Alvarez loves mysteries and crime stories and so it makes perfect sense that she wants to be a CSI agent after high school. When asked for three words she would use to describe herself, she said “funny, sarcastic, and independent.” All these characteristics make up Alondra as a person. She may be sarcastic but that is her way of being honest with people. All in all, Alvarez has an amazing personality and always knows how to make people happy, she also knows how to cheer people up when they are feeling down.

Being an only child can be complicated, but she seems to always make her family proud, which causes her a great deal of fear that she might lose her family. Alvarez is also in track as a hurdler. The spring season sometimes tires her out, but she continues no matter what, proving Alvarez has a tremendous amount of perseverance.  Her perseverance tends to run out with math, however. That is the one and probably only thing she is not good at, but other than that, she is amazing at writing. Alondra makes a great addition to the The Blaize, so check out some great stories from her creative and honest mind.

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Alondra Alvarez