As a senior, Marilyn has done most extracurricular activities such as choir, track, and volleybal. This school year however, she’s decided not to put her focus on any sports but rather focus on becoming a soon-to-be entrepreneur, hence why her favorite class is the Business Icubator class. Apart from school, she also manages to fit her part-time job in her schedule. After a hectic day, she goes home to her two dogs, Bella and Muñeca.


    Straying away from any school or work related topics, during her free time she enjoys being active by often going to the gym and hanging out at Starbucks with her friends. Of course she sticks to her favorite drink, a vanilla iced latte. Marilyn describes herself to be an extrovert and enjoys to socialize. If given the chance to travel anywhere around the world, she would choose to travel to Greece where the sea is clear and the sightings are breathtaking. Being the social person she is, she could easily make friends on her trip. Shortly put, Marilyn Pacheco is one of the many friendly and outgoing people at Round Lake High School.

Marilyn Pacheco, Staff Writer

Oct 02, 2018
Homecoming Week Events (Story)