You'll meet many nice people in Round Lake high school, but some people just stand out. With a smile that says a thousand words, Gema Dominguez will make you feel right at home and greet you with kindness. Gema has recently joined the Panther Family, moving from Tennessee and only having two years in RLHS, she enjoys school very much and is sadden that its her last year in high school.She mentions that she will miss the environment of being around people and enjoying the experience of growing up. Gema hopes to become a teacher, but she is not sure yet, she has an open mind and is willing to try new things.


Gema’s life outside of school is pretty good too, she enjoys spending her free time doodling in her sketchbook, and hanging out with her family and loved one. Although, some people would assume that being weird is a negative thing,Gema embraces her weirdness and has no shame on letting people know. With that being one of her many characteristics she is also a great person and is willing to share her kindness with everyone.

Gema Dominguez, Staff Writer

Oct 11, 2018
Honoring Heritage (Story)