Carla Sotelo
Carla Sotelo is a 16-year-old junior at Round Lake High School. While Sotelo started out her scholastic sports career with volleyball in middle school, she now only participates in volleyball camp and plays softball. She decided to limit her extracurricular activities so she could focus on other things like an AP class and her job working at an ice cream shop, which she enjoys.  Sotelo hopes to go to college to work in the medical field as a pharmacist. She hopes to get there step by step starting with simpler goals such as doing good in school, Winning MVP this year for softball and contributing to “The Blaize” to help spread its popularity. Who knows? Maybe one day Sotelo will be a part-time journalist in addition to a pharmacist!

Carla Sotelo, Staff Writer

Oct 16, 2019
Homecoming 2019 (Story)