Andrea Gutierrez is a very caring and loving person, what means the most to her is making people happy to change their mood. She is someone you can come to if you ever need anything, we all need a friend like that in our life. Despite her caring for others she does not always put others before her, only if they are an important person in her life. Bringing joy to others brings her happiness therefore this means the most to her. In addition she is passionate about writing poems and stories since she likes to write how she feels as it helps her understand her emotions and lets her thoughts be free.

Gutierrez is staring her toughest year yet, having to take the SATs in April. She is definitely not ready to take it anytime soon, she finds it extremely boring and the thought of having to take it makes her mad. Gutierrez observes that the rules for the SATs excessively strict by making you put your phone away or even to the point where you cannot bring any electronics little strict rules such as these make her mad. Although the thought of taking the SATs stresses her out in the end Gutierrez knows it will help her in the future to get where she wants in life.

In the future Gutierrez has high goals, she persuades to have a business of her own it mainly being having her own clothing line with other accessories  

Andrea Gutierrez, Staff Writer