2017-2018 Staff

Jenifer Morales

Staff Writer

Even though she's one out of over a thousand students here at Round Lake High School, Sophomore Jenifer Morales is not to be forgotten. Morales loves to learn new things and meet new people, which are some of her favorite things...

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Gretchen Baez

Staff Writer

Now in her senior year, Gretchen Baez was compelled to join journalism so that she could focus on media and get a feel of what it’s like to work in a field she is interested in. She enjoys meeting and engaging with others with c...

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Jayda Delatorre

Staff Writer

   If one were to think of this school as one big house, one would understand that every brick is a person and every brick that is laid makes this school what it is. There is one “brick” in this shiny new team of journ...

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Coral Bridgman

Staff Writer

Coral Bridgman is a Senior at Round Lake High School. Bridgman is a member of choir but also loves color guard. One thing that she would change about herself is her shyness, but she considers herself to be wise, caring, and bold. B...

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Megan Smith

Staff Writer

Megan Smith is an outgoing junior here at Round Lake High School. She broke out of her shell last year, going from a shy and reserved child to a crazy, spontaneous, and maybe even a little goofy, teenager. Smith didn’t rea...

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Wendolyn Aguilar

Staff Writer

Dedicated and hardworking, Wendolyne Aguilar is a curious, funny, and a respectful senior at Round Lake High School.  Wendolyne is pretty opened minded, and is passionate about writing.  She loves her English class with a passio...

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Daniela Zavala

Staff Writer

Daniela Zavala is genuinely a very loud, outgoing, and fun person because she insists on making new friends and meeting new people.  To go along with that outgoing attitude and sense of fun, Zavala has a true passion for adventur...

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Mariah Contreras

Staff Writer

Mariah Contreras is a senior here at Round Lake High School. She is interested in an array of literature, being in book club and is a very passionate writer of both novels and poetry. Her works are re-inventive, and she puts ...

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Jose Guzman

Staff Writer

Round Lake High School Sophomore Jose Rodriguez Guzman is coming out of his shell and is learning something new about himself each and everyday. His favorite topic to learn about is science. He loves being in the lab and bein...

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Ana Hernandez

Staff Writer

Ana Christina Hernandez is a junior who loves writing because it gives her the opportunity to express her feelings.. She has one 10-year-old brother who she considers her best friend and two parents that she looks up to because o...

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Kiara Billups

Staff Writer

It’s hard to know everyone in a high school full of kids, but there’s one student you’ve probably heard of and that is 17 year old Kiara Billups. Billups has been playing basketball since she was eight years old; and du...

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Berenice Lazaro

Staff Writer

Because this world is quickly learning to move faster and faster, people aren't focusing on patience, which is often the key to success.  Senior Berenice Lazaro, on the other hand, has learned to have patience through the sm...

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John Brown

Staff Writer

Being a straight-A student isn't an easy task;  just ask John Brown. He is one himself and knows how challenging it is to study hard and get those perfect grades. He believes having good grades is his own reward for putting all...

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Kim Krieger

Staff Writer

Kim Krieger, is a junior here at round lake high school, when asked to describe herself in three words she says she's “chunky but funky.” Krieger  is funny, a quick observation to make as she lists petting her fish among th...

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