2019-2020 Staff

Carla Sotelo

Staff Writer

Carla Sotelo is a 16-year-old junior at Round Lake High School. While Sotelo started out her scholastic sports career with volleyball in middle school, she now only participates in volleyball camp and plays softball. She decided...

Angela Tucker

Staff Writer

Angela Tucker is a senior at Round Lake high school. She came to “The Blaize” to be able to spread the news to the school. Tucker’s favorite class is ceramics because she likes to express herself in a different form and...

Mauricio Perez

Staff Writer

Mauricio Perez is 17 and a senior here at Round Lake Senior High School. Perez has spent his years at RLHS participating in all kinds of sports, including cross country, track, and during his freshman year, he played football. He st...

Andrea Castaneda

Staff Writer

Andrea Castaneda is an outgoing and passionate sophomore here at Round Lake High School. Outside of school, she has many responsibilities as an older sister which includes taking care of her two younger sisters. She also helps...

Delilah James

Staff Writer

Delilah Jaimes is a sophomore at Round Lake High School. After school, Jaimes looks after her four younger siblings, while cooking and cleaning for them. Jaimes’s actions show how she is a kind, responsible, and a motherly bei...

Gladys Garcia

Staff Writer

Being the new student at school may seem like the worst experience ever to most kids, but not to 15-year-old sophomore Gladys Garcia. Garcia isn’t a stranger when it comes to moving to different towns or schools. Born on June ...