Always Be Kind

Always Be Kind

Angela Tucker, Alexia Leal
February 10, 2020
this picture is a pencil in top of a scan tron.

End the Semester Strong

Vanessa Castillo, Christopher Lazaro, and Syriah Honey
December 16, 2019
The RLHS music department is hosting a spirit week to gear up for their Winter Spectacular show which features acts from band, choir, and winter guard.

Winter Spectacular Coming Soon!

The Blaize Staff
December 4, 2019
From sweet potato casserole to lasagna and tamales, Panthers dish about their favorite holiday foods.

Thanksgiving Favorites

November 27, 2019
Students enjoy petting a comfort dog. Comfort dogs were brought into the Senior Destress Day as a way to help seniors unwind. Studies have shown that petting animals can lower blood pressure, and helps your body release a relaxation hormone, cutting down on levels of a stress hormone.

A Day to Relax

Vanessa Castillo and Chris Lazaro
November 22, 2019
Players line up and wait for the coin toss at the beginning of the homecoming game Friday, Oct. 18.

Hoco 2019 In Pictures

Vanessa Castillo and Gladys Garcia
November 3, 2019
As time goes by, graduation is getting closer for seniors and they will have to say goodbye of four years calling RLHS their home.

Graduation Day For Panthers

Paola Bahena and Maria Hernandez
May 30, 2019
Mental health awareness organization recently came to Round Lake High School to help ensure students receive the support they need.

Keeping Students Safe

Maria Hernandez, Staff Writer
April 16, 2019
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