An up close view of the coronavirus under a microscope.

Coronavirus spread to U.S.

Syriah Honey, staff writer
March 3, 2020
Always Be Kind

Always Be Kind

Angela Tucker, Alexia Leal
February 10, 2020
President Trump shaking hands with Mr. Zelensky

President Trump’s Impeachment Trial

Angela Tucker, Staff Writer
January 28, 2020
Several young children were hospitalized after a man attacked their school.

Attack On Chinese Kindergartners

Andrea Castaneda, Staff Writer
November 27, 2019
Police officers surrounded the home of Andrew Finch and fatally shot him during a 911 hoax.

A Devastating Revenge

Andrea Castaneda, Staff Writer
October 15, 2019
This amazing black hole has stunned many who have been intrigued in this discovery!

Black Hole Ringing

Delilah Jaimes
October 6, 2019
The Government Shut Down

The Government Shut Down

Angela Lee Tucker, Staff story
March 7, 2019
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