Protest Against Racism


Daily Herald

Warren students protesting in front of the school’s library. The protest occurred after someone wrote “Whites Only” in a bathroom the day after the presidential elections.

Leo Garcia , Staff Writer

Various crowds surround the halls and the outside perimeter of the school. Teachers are unaware of what is occurring. Could a possible fight be happening at the moment? Signs start popping up throughout the crowd. The signs feature sayings like, “Everyone is equal” and “Racism is not okay.” It is now evident that the presidential election has taken a big toll on students.

“Whites only” were the racist writings that were found in the girls’ bathroom at the Almond Campus of Warren Township High School. These writings were found November 9th, after the presidential election. As a result, students and members of the Black Lives Matter Movement protested Friday, Nov. 11th. Students protested against racism and discrimination.

Student and staff body were perplexed when they found out about the writings. “We have a really great student body,” superintendent, John Ahlgrim said. “When we get racial slurs or anything hateful, we take it seriously.”

The school is very diverse with 30 percent of students identifying as Latino, 10 percent identifying as African American, and 5 percent as Asian. “I feel like people shouldn’t be racist because we are all the same, we are all living humans and we shouldn’t discriminate one another,” said Warren Township Junior Julyssa Fajardo. “I was just really surprised to see those writings because Warren is a very diverse school and all of us get along so well with one another.”

Parents were also affected by this because many got calls from the school that their student missed class due to the protest. “My parents were really mad that I skipped two classes,” Fajardo claimed. “But they agreed that the writings were very inappropriate and offensive.”

This year’s presidential election was an awful one. A day after the election, WTHS bathrooms looked like how public bathrooms did back in the 1960’s. “We can’t go back to those dark days, those days are in the past for a reason,” Warren Township Junior Jayleen Escamilla said. “Just because there is going to be a new president in office, that doesn’t mean we have to change our views on each other.” Another student, Stephanie Vega added, “I guess it all goes back to Trump’s election.” Vega also said, “He’s not even officially our president yet and this is already happening.”