Be open to more music genres.

One of the K-pop genre's most famous bands, BTS, performs in a music video.


One of the K-pop genre’s most famous bands, BTS, performs in a music video.

Zainy Tareen, Staff Writer

Jimin walked into his new school hoping to make friends with similar interests. He always loved music, and his favorite genre was Korean pop, also known as K-pop, but when he asked around, not many people had heard about the music. He was surprised due to the fact that K-pop was gaining popularity worldwide, but the small suburban area he had just moved to didn’t know much about it. K-pop is often judged by the language of the music or just of the fact that it’s different, causing many people to hate the music before they listen to it. The genre started in the early 1990s but gained more interest through Psy’s “Gangnam Style” in July 2012. The song brought international attention to K-pop and is also the most viewed video on Youtube. K-pop music is not specific to the Korean culture. In fact, most of the genre’s music is about falling in love and suffering from heartbreaks and loss, giving an innocent appeal to the music.

Many people say others shouldn’t listen to K-pop because everything about the genre is manufactured; however, while many K-pop groups do start out with a production company, most band members usually add original and independent work to their music. K-pop is highly criticized for its lack of creativity and is known to be “robotic,” but not all of the genre should be hated due to a few songs. K-pop has three main companies that train and debut K-pop idols: SM entertainment, JYP and JP. These big companies audition for new talent every year and if a person is chosen, they become a trainee. After a few years of learning how to dance and sing, they are put in a group. Most people don’t like the idea that talent is given to an idol through training and work, but like most talent, everyone starts out as a rookie and gets better with practice.

People should be more open to diverse music and a new start is K-pop. By listening to K-pop, a person can learn easy Korean phrases that can help them to understand some of the language. A person can also join fandoms. Just like American artists, every K-pop group has its own fan groups with specific  names. For instance, Bangtan Boys’ fandom name is ARMY and Vixx’s fandom name is  Starlight. American singers also have fandom names like One Direction’s fans are Directioners. Mostly every fan has a bias, the person in the group that you admire the most. For myself, my ultimate bias is BTS’s rapper Suga.

A person should also listen to K-pop because of the inspiring quotes that come from the lyrics. If a person is an ARMY they would know every song that BTS releases has a different or meaningful story to it. Their every release holds a separate theory and many of their fans are trying to decipher the mystery. Many ARMY believe the clues for the story began in 2014 when BTS released their album, “Dark and Wild.” When the music video was released, it showed seven of the members stressed or just working. Since then BTS have released many music videos and clues also connecting the theory to a early 1900’s book “Demian” by Hermann Hesse that keep ARMY wanting more.  

Not many people know about K-pop. Sophomore Jasmine Skowronski believes that more people should listen to K-pop. “It’s obviously different from the music we have in America and the songs I listen to are really catchy.”

Students at RLHS can start a K-pop club and check out this genre. More people should listen to K-pop because they will be able to be more open to new things causing a more diverse life. K-pop fans around school should work together and make fanbases bigger by spreading the word. That way more people that like K-pop can become friends making a more welcome place for everybody. Jimin can find more friends with the same interests if he knew where look.