Bringing Back the Senior Love


High school seniors are entitled to a little special perks during their final year.

Taylor Sears, Staff Writer

Throughout all the years of high school, senior year is the one that most students look forward to. There are so many things to do senior year and every opportunity allows upperclassmen to make their last year an unforgettable one. Here at Round Lake High School, senior privileges seemed to have faded away since 2012.

Many underclassmen say that it would be unfair to have as many senior privileges as we did before because they would not all get the same treatment. “Senior privileges are too overrated when it comes to certain things,” a freshman stated. “It’s like the seniors want the last year of high school to be handed to them and do not have many rules to follow. It’s unfair to us.” Having a fair share at all the privileges is true, but that time would come when those students would become seniors. It would give students something to look forward to at the end of high school instead of it being the same routine every year.

Senior privileges are a part of senior year, which would make senior year a different experience for upperclassmen. Without senior privileges at the school, the seniors do not feel as important. Back in 2012 there were many privileges given to the seniors that lower classmen followed. One privilege was that all upper classmen had the right to sit in the lower commons and lower classmen had to sit in the upper commons. “It’s pretty upsetting that lowerclassmen are going down there to eat,” Senior Makena Ridiros said. “When I was a freshman and sophomore I respected that a lot more and ate upstairs until I earned my privileges.” Letting traditional privileges fall by the wayside makes it seem as if the seniors are not respected for being on top. “If the school were to develop more senior privileges, I’d support them,” Sophomore Ivy Moore states. “They are a good idea to reward these students who have survived their education.”

Lack of senior privileges keeps seniors from the full experience of their fourth and final year in high school. Yes, senior ditch day and having off campus lunch is a right for seniors to have, but there should be more. “I wish we could have a senior after school party like they do with the freshman or a senior lock-in before we graduate,” Senior Dely Pagan said. After school activities would bring the whole senior class together and have bonding time. The list continues with only seniors should be able to go to prom (other classes can as well if invited), taking back the lower commons to upperclassmen only and lower parking space prices are only a few to name from students.

Being a senior should be a balance between school and having fun since it is the last year of high school. Students will have something to look forward to throughout their years in high school and when they finally get there, they will feel as if they have achieved something. Make petitions to get privileges back again to Round Lake. Being rewarded as students at the end of a long journey will pay off.