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Round Lake High School Students in Need of Potty Training?

Disgusting bathrooms at Round Lake High School lead students to believe that their fellow peers were inadequately potty trained.

December 9, 2016

Let me tell you a funny story about the last time I went to the bathroom. In the bathroom, I check myself out because you know I look cute. Here comes the funny part, I walk into a stall, not finding anything unusual until I step in pee. That’s right, pee.

Now, before I go on a rant, need I remind you this is a girl’s bathroom. How does a girl miss the toilet? Plainly disgusting. So I did a little research to see if any other schools seem to be having the same problem with disgusting bathrooms. At Abraham Lincoln High School in Brooklyn, New York, the bathrooms are so bad that students have been known to use the toilets at Coney Island Hospital down the road.

Alyssa Brandt, a sophomore at Round Lake High School is feeling a little disgusted as well. “ I remember one time walking into the bathroom and checking every single stall there was, and each one was used and abused I’d like to say,” she said. “Each stall was not flushed and completely on show to everyone.”  It boggles the mind how people can damage public property so that other people have to suffer in poor, dingy conditions.

“ My issues isn’t so much with how the bathrooms are treated but the fact the people don’t do anything about it,” said Emily Etherington. “Like people are okay with leaving the bathrooms a complete mess, and not bothered at all. It is disgusting.”

 “Oh most definitely, I completely agree that our bathrooms are ransacked,” said Susana Farias. “I really just don’t understand how these girls in this school can leave a bathroom the way they do. If that’s how your bathroom at your house looks, I would never come over.” I see you girl, I see you. I fully understand where Farias is coming from. If you don’t do this at your own home, then you shouldn’t done it here.

Now to get into some real juicy gossip. Shall we began? So many  people would agree with me saying our bathrooms are gross and in need of a major cleaning. And they’re right. Recently Round Lake High School received a tremendous amount of money, $29 million to be exact, to have many amazing additions added to our school, including a couple of new bathrooms. For the most part, these newer bathrooms are fairly clean, which has contributed to better bathroom situations. However, if we take a look at all of the already existing bathrooms, it’s enough to make anyone repulsed: broken mirrors and hand dryers, unusable faucets and soap dispensers, and last but not least toilet paper and let’s just say liquid on the floor. If that doesn’t stake my strong but slightly disturbing view on school bathrooms, I don’t know what does.

Upon evaluation, I truly believe that the school needs to take action for the conditions of which both male and female bathrooms are. I believe that there is something that can be done, maybe our school administration can petition the Round Lake School board to allow RLHS to achieve the goal of new bathrooms for students, maybe even students can too.

To end, I believe if we can be responsible young adults and help clean and take care of the school bathrooms, and maybe we can be trusted enough for administration to allow our school to get new bathrooms. And lastly, as stated before, I hope you look back and think, man I really don’t want to have to walk down the street just to use the bathroom, as a reminder to help improve our school bathrooms.

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