News Round Up for March 30-April 5


Photo by brotiN biswaS from Pexels

Some important headlines from the past week.

As we face these unprecedented times, The Blaize staff will continue to strive to deliver important news to our readers. Stay safe and stay healthy, Panthers!

A doctor in New York was interviewed by CNN reporters about the lack of protective equipment for many health care workers battling the Coronavirus on the front lines. Read more about how hard doctors, nurses, CNAs and other medical professionals are working to keep us safe.

Amazon warehouse and Instacarts grocery delivery employees are demanding for more protection and pay. These employees touch thousands of different items every day without protection, and employees at 11 different warehouses have been confirmed positive for COVID-19. Read the complete story here.

And if you need some good news, check out these two stories:

Not being able to share a meal with others has been discouraging and depressing, but a family from Ssomerville, Mass. had the idea to dine with 20 members of their extended family.

An Elgin cat is growing popular on social media as her owners post humorous pictures. Carrot, the cat, is brings moments of laughter and joy that help subside the anxiety that is affecting people during the Coronavirus quarantine.