Dana Hernandez’s Journey


From Wikimedia Commons

A green ribbon for organ transplant awareness

Camila Lazaro

After being diagnosed with Methylmalonic Acidemia, Dana Hernandez, a senior in Round Lake High School, has been getting her nutrients through a liquid diet. Methylmalonic Acidemia prevents Dana from breaking down animal fats and proteins. When seeing other people enjoy their food, she feels left out.

But lucky for Hernandez, she has received her kidney and liver transplant. She had mixed feelings about having a transplant; she was excited but also worried. She continues to worry about her grandmother will manage the financial strain and change in routine a surgery this big can cause. Hernandez and her grandmother turned to the Children’s Organ Transplant Association (COTA). The Children’s Organ Transplant Association helps to provide a fundraiser to children and young adults who need a life-saving transplant. Since Dana’s family is experiencing some financial difficulties that were not covered up by her family’s insurance, Mrs. Patricia Kolodziej a RLHS teacher and Allied Sports Team coach, along with the Allied Sports Team put together a through COTA.

Also, Kolodziej and the Allied Sports Team are collecting used inkjet cartridges, DVDs, and CDs through Planet Green Recycle. Students that have old or used inkjet cartridges, CDs, and DVDs can bring them to schools and give them to a teacher who will put them in the teacher’s workrooms.