Spring Break Movies and Albums


Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels

There’s never been a better time to binge watch Netflix.

Between spring break and the state-wide quarantine, now is probably one of the best times to check out all the new Netflix shows and new albums coming out. It’s also a nice to know what movies have been released, so when life gets back to normal, we can all take a much-needed escape from reality. 

“The Quiet Place II” (Was to premier March 20)

The Abbott Family will be back in theaters at some point to face the terrors of the outside world. They silently fight for survival into the unknown and realize the creatures who hunt by sound aren’t the only threats.

“Mulan” (Was to premier March 27)

In the live-action movie of Mulan, the lead character tries to save her father from serving in the Imperial Army by disguising herself as a man and stepping up to battle the northern invaders in China.

Okay, so we’re stuck at home in a quarantine, so of course the most obvious way to escape boredom is some Netflix time! But you might be overwhelmed with the possibilities, so here are a couple musts:

“100 Humans”

One hundered diverse people take part in a variety of experiments investigating scientific questions about all the emotions and experiences that make us human.

“Kingdom,” Season 2

If you enjoy zombie shows, “Kingdom” is a Korean period drama about a kingdom infected by a gruesome plague.

Need a break from television? Here are some albums you can sit back and jam out to:

Adam Lambert, Velvet

Determined to make a bigger stand in his solo career, Lambert signed with independent label Empire. Lambert’s new album comes with the new single “Roses” followed by the songs “New Eyes” and “Comin’ in Hot”

Becca Stevens, Wonderbloom

Stevens’s goal in the album is to create a groove-heavy, dance-ready sound infused with elements of pop and funk and R&B. Stevens’s new album comes out with songs such as “Low On Love,” “True Minds,” and many others.

Conan Gray, Kid Krow

This album will be released through Republic Records coming out with songs such as “Checkmate”, “Comfort Crowd”, “Maniac” and “The Story.”

Mute Duo, Lapse In Passage

Duo’s new album is a menacing and surreal folk experience. Lapse in Passage comes out with songs such as “Last Greys,” “Overland Lines” and “Dallas in the Dog Days.”

TOKiMONSTA, Oasis Nocturno

The lead single “Fried for the Night” the song focuses on psychedelic moments where our reality opens up a new point of view. Oasis Nocturno also  comes out with some of the songs “Love That Never,” “One Day,” “Higher Hopes,” and many more.