Why do people feel the need to post mean comments?



Posting a mean comment on the internet may not seem so harmful but it can hurt someone deeper than you think.

Delilah James

It’s the day of the Super Bowl and everyone is excited for the halftime show. Then Shakira and JLO started to perform. Everyone started to go wild for Shakira’s “tongue wiggling,” but the question is why do people feel the need to pick on or insult something that might be culturally significant to someone? The world we live in now is completely comfortable with posting mean or racist comments on the internet, but the truth is that these comments hurt and affect people.

It might have seemed like insulting Shakira’s tongue wiggling was all fun and games. Some people compared her to “the turkey who gets pardoned on Thanksgiving” and many complained about the outfits the women were wearing. There were many racist Tweets and social media posts, where people asked if someone could “translate the Super Bowl halftime show.”

Not only are such Tweets incredibly xenophobic, they also show an extreme ignorance of other cultures. “It turns out the tongue wiggling combined with high-pitched warbling is an Arabic celebration chant called Zaghrouta,” reported The Irish Times.

Despite how funny it might’ve been, the meaning went deeper than expected, and many people from Middle Eastern countries were really excited to see some of their culture represented on a stage as big as the Super Bowl halftime show.  People may not know how deep this affects others, so its best to keep it to yourself. Would you ever go up to someone you’ve never met, and say something totally rude and ignorant? No, of course not! So why is it that people feel the need to say mean or racist comments when they are online?

According to Dave Harte, a lecturer in media communication at Birmingham City University, “People with shared interests come together but often they would disintegrate because the internet gives people the opportunity to say things that you wouldn’t say face to face.” It appears that the internet makes it so much easier to say offensive things. People think that because they are saying things behind the screen and in secret, that they won’t get caught, or it won’t actually hurt the other person, but the truth is that it can really cause them pain. The reason is because other people also have the ability to see these comments and posts and they can also join in on these rude or racist remarks, which will cause more damage to the person.

There are people who choose to ignore this and decide not to publish whatever they might be thinking. How can we make this possible for everyone? Well, although you may not be able to completely stop it, you can stand up to it. Your actions don’t need to involve confrontation. You can politely tell an ignorant, racist, or mean poster to stop. Even liking or commenting on a post can be hurtful to people and can signify that you agree with what they are saying. Also, make sure you don’t spread any other posts, or repost news articles that may not be legitimate. By doing this, you are putting an end to the mean posts and comments.