Devastation in Australia Continues


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A bushfire rages at Captain Creek central in Queensland, Australia.

Mayrin Jones

Bush fires in Australia are very common and they can evolve very quickly. At the start of September of 2019, Australia experienced the driest and hottest summer since 1960, causing multiple fires to break out. There were many causes behind the fires, such as a lightning bolt lighting up fields and forests made dry by excessive droughts. Some fires may have even been caused by human activities like fireworks.

According to American news resource Vox, “Since September, at least 27 million acres of Australia have burned in one of the country’s worst fire seasons on record. “ Over 3,000 homes have been destroyed, including 24.7 acres of land burned. According to the same article, nearly 150 fires were still burning across New South Wales on Jan. 9. 

The fires are affecting many animals and people throughout the country. Many koalas and kangaroos have lost their lives and some Australian species are facing extinction. Many of the animals that have been rescued and survived still need a place to stay and start a new life.

Alexia Leal, Carla Sotelo, Mauricio Perez

Australia’s ecosystem has also been affected negatively. The World Wildlife Fund for Australia reports, “Fires can kill mature trees, rob ecosystems and reduce food resources. The loss of healthy mature woodlands and grasslands has been implicated in decline of snakes, seed-eating birds and some mammals.” Without plants and trees, it reduces wildlife and it can be hard for animals to live in an area where there’s a poor water source. Animals rely on a good habitat in order to live properly.

Luckily for the animals, thousands of firefighters are working everyday to put out the fires. Australia’s state fire services reported, “At least 3,700 firefighters have been on the ground at any one time across the country during the worst periods.” Fire crews are using land and on-air equipment to put fires out faster.” Air crafts such as helicopters, air tankers, and different kind of winged fire plane to throw fire retardent to the fires that impact the most.

Many people across the world are donating to organizations to help with Australia. Here are a few foundations people can donate to lend a hand to.

Australian Red Cross: This organization is currently supporting thousands of people in evacuation centers and recovery hubs. Learn more about where the money you donate goes to at

Koala Hospital Port Macquarie: A koala hospital in New South Wales are allowing people to donate to fund the rescue,treatment and release of koala. Donate to Donation – Koala Hospital

Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital:  The zoo’s Wildlife Program is raising money to house flying foxes and koala that were injured from the fires. If any further questions go to Wildlife Warriors and the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital .