A Day to Relax


Students enjoy petting a comfort dog. Comfort dogs were brought into the Senior Destress Day as a way to help seniors unwind. Studies have shown that petting animals can lower blood pressure, and helps your body release a relaxation hormone, cutting down on levels of a stress hormone.

Vanessa Castillo and Chris Lazaro

Led by Mr. James Bruno, the Round Lake High School counseling department hosted a Senior Destress Day in the library last Friday, Nov. 15. Seniors were allowed to de-stress with activities like making turkey hands, completing puzzles, trying out some meditation techniques, petting comfort dogs, and enjoying some cookies and hot chocolate.

The comfort dogs that were present on senior de-stress day help to relieve the seniors who are stressed because studies show that petting animals helps to lower blood pressure and help people feel more calm, comfortable, and asatisifed. 

According to Mr. Bruno, he started Senior Destress day because he has a lot of seniors that have been coming to his office talking about next steps, like college, and they were really, really stressed about it. 

“[Senior Destress Day] really benefitted me by making me forget all my problems,” said Senior Johan Tellez. “I don’t have to worry about college and it helps me relieve the stress.”