No “Short”-age of Entertainment

The Walt Disney Co. launched its on-demand streaming service last week, and all the options are a little overwhelming. But here are three can’t-miss Pixar shorts for you to check out.


Wikimedia Commons

Disney+ is the newest video streaming service and features both the classics and new content from Disney and all Disney-owned production companies.

Mayrin Jones

Recently another video streaming service called Disney+ has been getting very popular. With over 7,500 movies and films, not only from Disney and Pixar, Marvel,Star Wars, and even from National Geographic, subscribers of this app are able to enjoy movies and television shows from every genre and time period―from the 1930s to 2019.

Disney+ also has included many Pixar shorts, which are short, little “movies” often lasting between 5 – 10 minutes long. “Every Pixar gently teaches a valuable life lesson” wrote Corrine Reichert in a recent article on media news publication CNet.  “Pixar gently shows you to accept for who you are or even persevering through the hardest obstacles in life.”

  Here are the top three Spark Shorts where Pixar represents valuable life lessons that small children and adults can all enjoy and relate to: 

“Float”: This Pixar short is about a father who learns that his son is particularly different from the other kids in his neighborhood. The father is  afraid that many would judge both of them, so he keeps his son out of sight. Later on, he has to make a decision on whether to hide or accept his son for what he is. This short offers a great lesson on conformity and embracing what makes us special. 

“Purl”: Purl is a sincere ball of yarn that gets a job in an fast-pace, male-dominated office.Purl is anxious to fit in, so she knits herself a suit and becomes very confident. Despite the obstacles in her way, Purl gains success and refuses to leave anyone behind, helping to make the office a place where all individuals  from all shapes and sizes are all welcomed. This short helps people see the importance of including everyone.

“Smash and Grab”: Two robots who have been stuck working for years finally stand their ground and try to escape to freedom. Both are willing to risk everything for their independence, but they do not sacrifice their friendship, teaching viewers a very subtle lesson about maintaining that work-life balance and always staying loyal to friends.