Trump’s Impeachment: A Wish That’s Impossible


Elvert Barnes

A group of people boycotting against Trump wanting his impeachment.

Angela Lee Tucker , Staff Writer

President Trump’s favorite time of his day is to watch television. There, in real time, he can watch world become even more twisted because of his actions—actions he is completely unapologetic for. Every radio station, news network, and online political blog focuses on his every move. After three years with his reign as the president, it’s quite obvious we’re all used to him breaking the law.

Finally, many Americans who dislike Trump as the president are gaining hope that he will get what he deserves. However, as wonderful as impeachment sounds, I’m not sure if there’s much hope in it happening. The impeachment will not take place, and he will continue with his unjust acts.

Ever since he took the rule as the 45th president, Trump has been on the news with his every insensitive tweet, action, and words. Whenever he breaks the law, it gets pushed under the rug as the world, and we all just brace ourselves for the next embarrassing or illegal act. It’s evident that Trump views himself as above the law. He allows people he works with to be above the law as they get off the hook for their actions. Evidence of this happening is the allegation that President Trump jokingly ordered Kevin McAleenan, former homeland security secretary, to reject any refugees from entering asylum. McAleenan said he was uncomfortable with this request and nothing was done.   

This allegation happened back in April 2018, and even though Trump said the order a joke it wouldn’t be taken lightly from those with immigrant families and shouldn’t be joked about.

Back in August 2018, there was a court case focusing on Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen. He plead guilty  for campaign finances and other charges, as Trump allowed Cohen to feel above the law. Those campaign finances were to influence the 2016 presidential campaign and is against the Federal Election Act. Cohen confessed to making illegal payments towards two females to stay silent about affairs during the 2016 election. Cohen has begun serving a three-year sentence at a federal prison. Bringing up this topic will not do any good in supporting Trump’s impeachment as Cohen is already facing the consequences. Of course, any logical and sane person might ask why Trump isn’t dealing with the consequences himself. 

And in July, Trump pressured the Ukrainian president to investigate the business dealings of Joe Biden’s son, as he was holding up U.S. aid to the country. Now House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is ordering the impeachment investigation, but it’s easy to see little to nothing can be done with President Trump breaking the law. All we as citizens can do in the future is to vote in the next election for someone better.