Almost Not So “Marvel”-ous

Angela Lee Tucker , Staff writer

One of the biggest heartwarming moments in “Avengers: End Game”  was when Spider Man swung through one of Doctor Strange’s portals to join the big battle. Fans could laugh at his little moment with Captain Marvel as they passed the Gauntlet to each Marvel hero. The saddest moment is him having to say goodbye after Iron Man snapped his fingers to rid the world of Thanos forever. Fans were left shaken after Spider Man’s story in the Marvel Cinematic Universe seemed to come to a heartbreaking halt.

Last month, Sony and Disney/Marvel announced that they hadn’t been able to work out a stable contract with agreements that makes both sides happy and would allow Spider Man to continue in the MCU movies. 

The future of Spider Man movies would therefore be in the hands of Sony. “It was never meant to last forever,” superintendent of Marvel Cinematic Universe  Kevin Feige told online publication, “The Independent.” “ We knew there was a finite amount of time we’d be able to do this and we told the story we wanted to tell and I’ll always be thankful for that.” At the press conference, Feige and the writers with Marvel said they would no longer have a part in deciding where Spider Man would be heading in the future. The contract was focused on where future appearances would take place, however, Disney wanted a 50/50 confinancing stake, which  means Disney and Sony joining together providing money or funds for all Spider Man movies. Sony didn’t agree to this because Spider Man is their biggest film property and the company didn’t budge on its current deal. Now Sony has retained distribution rights leading to Spider Man movies that do not feature any other Marvel characters. 

Tom Holland was quick to respond to fans’ panic on whether or not he would continue the role as the Amazing Spider Man. “It’s been a crazy week,” Holland had told “The Independent.”  “But I want to let you know I’m grateful from the bottom of my heart. I love you 3,000.” 

Students from Round Lake High School had mixed emotions about the situation. “It leaves Marvel fans feeling empty,” said Senior Evan Arciniega. Fans who grew up with the comics were excited to see Peter Parker with bigger Marvel characters and were disappointed that the contract means they won’t get to see any new developments. Arciniega agreed with Holland staying cast as Spider Man, as he says he  is fitting for the role. Other students such as Senior Paola Moreno aren’t affected by the situation. “Marvel uses the same formula in every movie,” she explained. “It’s not a total loss.” 

The loss of Spider Man didn’t last forever, as on the morning of September 27 the news of a new deal spread across social media. According to “Forbes Magazine” the deal has Marvel Studios in charge of producing the next batch of Spidey’s cinematic franchise with Kevin Feige taking the lead role in the production. Going forward with future MCU movies Spider Man will be appearing in them as he had been before. The next film is to be released July 16, 2021.