My Introduction to the Forex Market


The mind of a computer is getting controlled by a Artificial Intelligence Robot.

During the second week of February 2019, I was working with my dad on the side, making a few bucks to keep me stable at the moment to go out with friends and buy stuff I might want, but I had a tight budget.  My cousin sent me a text letting me know she knew a guy that worked with her that was making serious money off the Foreign Currency Exchange (Forex) Market. Forex is the largest financial market, larger than stock market with a daily volume over +$5.4 trillion moving per day. This guy was able to quit his job and focus on trading full time because he made so much money.

I was immediately intrigued, but I also had questions. For starters, what was the Foreign Currency Exchange Market? I looked it up and got my answer: If you have ever traveled to a foreign country, you might have needed to exchange your United States dollar (USD) for the other country’s currency. If so, you have practically already been a part of Forex trading, the only difference is that this system is online with no need to travel to exchange your currency to make a profit. This seemed unreal to me because I grew up getting told to do what every parent tells a child: go to school, choose a career, and become the best at that in order to make money.

At the moment I decided that it was probably a very dumb idea because it seemed too good to be true and told my cousin that I wasn’t going to get involved with anything like that. But even with my quick dismissal, I couldn’t stop thinking about the opportunity. After all, I was interested in trading in the stock market. The stock market is another type of trade market, but it takes more of an investment, both in time and money. You constantly have to be paying attention to the market and know when to make moves. For example, you can buy stock in  Apple when it is low in price and then sell the stock when a new phone comes out. However, I knew if I wanted to start trading in the stock market,I needed a lot of money to start with and that just wasn’t happening anytime soon given my circumstances. So the next day I woke up with a feeling of “Why not try it?” I knew getting involved with the Forex Market could either go in my way and I could learn a new skill set that could pay me everyday for the rest of my life, or I could get scammed out of my money. I asked my mom what she thought about me joining a trading company, and she said she would give me money to try it out. My mom told me, “If you get scammed, it’s alright. I’m going to lend you this money and see what happens.” I promised her that I would pay her back, and I texted my cousin to get some information from the guy she knew. His name was Freddy and he had  trained an old co-worker of hers. I contacted Freddy and we started talking about prices and how this endeavor could change my life. He showed me what the company was and it was an artificial intelligence (AI) software that automatically traded for me on the Forex Market while I learned how to read and chart up graph manually.

Freddy told me that I did not need to be experienced as long as I wanted to make some money. I began with setting up my AI software, teaching myself how to maintain it, getting added to multiple group chats, and signing up for Live Webinars that taught me how to manually trade. The best part was that all of that was free.But I did need to purchase a Virtual Private Server (VPS), which  is an internal computer that would run my AI Software 24/7 without having my computer turned on and with no Internet. Springing for the VPS was a smart idea because it meant that while I was at school all day, my software would  be running and growing my account with no worries. The VPS runs $17.99 a month. The AI Software was my other big purchase for getting into Forex trading.  Typically, the software runs about $247 upfront with a monthly fee of $169 after that.This might seem like a lot of money, but after joining the community, I learned how to get my own personal software free. I was a little skeptical when first starting, but I took the risk because the AI company offers a seven-day money back guarantee. Now that I think about it, going for the VPS and the AI software was one of the best decisions I have made to this day.

But I also feel like the mentors and support I get in the trading communities has helped me quite a bit. Freddy encourages me to further my thoughts in business, how money works for me , and how the rich stay rich. On top of that, the group I am in all inspires each other to learn the skill of trading and becoming a better person in life, financially and mentally.

I do get a lot of funny looks when I tell people I make income straight out of my phone without having to work. It’s funny to see that most people will comment, “Nah, I prefer to work and keep my money in the bank.” But did you know keeping your money in your bank will never multiply itself? If anything, your savings will grow one to two percent, and your bank actually uses a percent of your money and invests it in back to the Foreign Exchange Market to make profits off your hard worked hours.

If you’re interested in learning the skill of trading after reading this, I do have a few suggestions. Firstly, you should definitely train yourself (or find webinars and chat groups) to trade manually. You shouldn’t get too dependent on AI software because nothing is smarter than the human brain and eye to seek structure formations in the market. You should learn risk management before trading as well because trading is very risky and you can potentially lose all your money if you’re not properly skilled in weighing your options. You should also make sure that you’re keeping up with reading economic news so you know what’s happening in other countries that might affect its currency. And you can always take a month or two with a demo account (which is filled with fake money) so you can learn how to trade manually without the risk of hopping in and guessing what the market will do. But remember the biggest risk in life is not the ones you take, it’s the ones you do not take.