Dealing with Acne: My Story


Andrea Gutierrez

A close up to where my acne was mostly concentrated.

Andrea Gutierrez , Staff Writer

The night before the first day back, I had to get everything ready: my outfit, my backpack… and I had to prepare myself to be brave enough to walk through the school’s doors. My acne was getting worse and I was feeling very self-conscious.

I woke up very early in the morning, took a shower and started to apply my makeup. For once in a long time, I felt pretty and attractive since makeup was covering up all of the things that made me feel the opposite way. I would wear makeup to school on a daily basis, even if it was just foundation. The fear of people seeing the real me stayed haunting me. That sounds pretty depressing and it was. Every night was the same: I would stare at the mirror and judge my appearance because of how bad my acne was. Disgusted with myself, I did the same thing as always, washed my face, applied aloe vera facial gel and a toner.

Andrea Gutierrez
Acne shows up on your face for a bunch of different reasons. This chart shows the most common reasons behind acne’s appearance.

On my trip to Mexico, my mom took me to the doctor and she prescribed me birth control, which was supposed to help with the hormonal acne. It helped me a little, but I still had a lot of red spots on my face. I started doing research on how to deal with my acne, from homemade remedies to drug store products. I found a picture of a face map and it showed the reasons behind acne on specific spots of the face. For example, acne on the forehead meant stress, and chin meant hormonal imbalance. I tried to cut down on my stress, but having that much acne just made me stress even more. It was a vicious cycle.  Once I tried a homemade remedy which was exfoliating your face with honey and oatmeal.

But over the course of five months, I realized that I had to seek help since nothing was working for me. I went to the clinic at Round Lake Senior High School which provides students free services and appointments. My doctor, Ellen Verlen, said birth control helped me, but not fully, so she prescribed me antibiotics to tone down the redness and recommended Oxy acne treatment pads, an over the counter acne medication. She also took me off the birth control to see if the process would speed up. Dr. Verlen also touched on the subject of my diet. She informed me that bad diets can affect your hormones as it affects your health. As soon as I started taking my antibiotics, using the acne pads, and eating better, my results showed progress. Slowly the scarring went away, the redness faded and my skin started to heal. I started feeling better about myself. I would go days without covering up with makeup, and I would enjoy taking pictures a lot more. As for now, my acne has gotten a lot better, and most of my friends say sometimes my skin even glows! I don’t let stress affect my skin anymore and my diet has gotten drastically better. I can’t talk for the people who have been dealing with acne their whole lives since in my case it was just a phase, but I do understand the frustration and the daily worry about what people might think or how it makes someone feel. All I took from this experience was to never stop loving myself because I went through a rough times, and to not fear what people think about me. Slowly but surely, progress will make a difference and everything will start going right!

Andrea Gutierrez
My acne improved dramatically over the course of a few months.