Family Aquatic Center Review


by: Pexels

Water from pool.

Maria Hernandez, staff member

Here at The Blaize, not only do we do reviews on movies, but places as well. It can be from the biggest most well-known places to the smallest, most-unnoticeable ones. And we know that when you’re looking for some summer entertainment, you need some honest reviews. So for this summer, let’s take a look at the Family Aquatic Center located in Palatine.  

The cost was at least $8-$10 minimum, plus there was discounts after a certain time. It was about a 40-minute drive to get there, but for me, time went by fast because I was traveling with some of my favorite people and before we knew it we arrived quick.

The things I liked about this pool was that there was an area where they separated the little kids from the teens/adults. The separation was an amazing perk because people did not have to worry about hurting an unsuspecting little kid while they were trying to have fun. Not only that, but there was this small cave with a little slide where all the kids would be lined up for the fun. Another section of the Family Aquatic Center was a decently big sand area that little kids could go if they did not want to get into the water and preferred to build sand castles. They could be supervised by the very attentive lifeguards while over in the sandy area. The thing that I enjoyed the most was that I was able to spend time with my family.

There was so many people lined up just to use the slide, which I disliked. The slide was only one attraction where everyone would want to go and it was would be better if there were either more slides, or activities.

Overall, my impression of this place was great because I had a fun with the people that I love and I got to spend time with them. This place would be totally worth it to go visit during this upcoming summer.