Spring Break Ideas


Photo from Laura Stanley on Pexels

Roller skating is a fun way to spend your spring break.

Camila Lazaro, Staff Writer

Spring break is around the corner!  Spring break is all about bonding with your family and friends and having a great time. Spring break is also about going out and having fun; unfortunately, the weather is terrible in Round Lake, and can put a major damper on some of our plans. But don’t worry because here are five ways to have fun and relax with your family and friends at home or close to home.

Skate on by! 
It might be too cold to go out and roller skate, but you can certainly roller skate in a rink where it is warm and cozy. According to Inc., an online magazine for business advice, learning a new skill can help your mind grow stronger and help you learn better and faster. Going out to roller skate with your friends can be a great idea to improve your relationships because you can catch up on life and learn something new together. Also if you learn how to roller skate now, you’ll have a jump on everything and you’ll be able to skate in the summer. You’ll also be able to have fun roller skating on your way to school, the store, or your friend’s house. After all, roller skating is faster than walking and much diverting. Check out some roller rinks in the area:

Skate On Grand Roller Rink | 720 Grand Ave., Fox Lake, IL 60020 | (847) 546-7000

Just For Fun Roller Rink | 139 N Seymour Ave., Mundelein, IL 60060 |  (847) 949-7528

Plot for April Fools’ Day
Since April is coming, why not plot for April Fools’ Day and come up with the best pranks ever? Plotting for April Fools’ can help you choose your supplies, so you’re not rushing to the store the night before. You’ll also have plenty of time to come up with a really good prank. Some good pranks include giving your soda-loving friend a drink with Mentos ice bombs, making slime and throwing it to someone,  and placing a bunch of cups filled with water on the floor and seeing if your friends can go through without any water spilling. You can also look up some more inspiration here

See Some Movies on Netflix
If you are lazy and don’t want to do anything than relax on the couch, then Netflix is your spring break hero! Netflix can entertain you for a long time, so why not check out some new movies and series? You can do some movie-watching throwback style by inviting some friends over and building a giant blanket fort. According to entertainment news magazine VULTURE, some Netflix movies that are coming out are “Christopher Robin,” “Triple Frontier,” “If I Hadn’t Met You,” and some series are “Traitor,” “Most Beautiful Thing,” and “After Life.” 

Get a Hobby
Hobbies can help you explore exciting things and help you be more relaxed and calm. As stated in GovLoop, which is an online social network for people in and around government, having hobbies builds confidence because being good at something and learning something new is very rewarding. If you want a hobby, go to your friend’s house and find a hobby that you both enjoy together or ask people what their hobbies are and maybe you find something interesting. A few examples of hobbies include yoga, collecting, roller skating, cooking, dancing, playing Ping-Pong, and journaling. If any of these strikes your interest, you can find plenty of Youtube tutorials and lessons for yoga, cooking, and dancing.

Over spring break do something meaningful and life-changing like volunteering. Helping others is not only a good thing to do, but it makes us feel happy and healthier.  Volunteering can be fun to do, but also volunteering can count for community service hours and maybe even land you a scholarship, which is a win-win situation. Some places to volunteer are in hospitals, library, local farm, and nursing homes. Volunteering is always a great thing to do, and you will not regret it. Check out this website for some volunteering opportunities.