Discrimination Against Women Needs to End

Dakota Johnston

People often argue that women discrimination has come to an end because of laws making it illegal. Even with feminists and gender equality groups, and women on the United Nations, the fight for equality is still yet to be won. So, how do we solve this issue?

In the Workplace

About 42% of working women have said they faced some type of discrimination while on the job. To be able to solve this problem, people need to stop having biases against someone because of their gender;  when women are working they should be recognized for their performance on the job rather than their gender. I interviewed a woman who decided to keep herself and the company she worked for anonymous, so I changed her name. Karen worked at a photo studio where a majority of the rules were directed towards the female employees. “I was told to wear short skirts because long skirts are for maids,” Karen stated. Dress attire for women is far more restrictive than for men. For instance, men might have guidelines stating “only wear collared shirts, no plaid,” while women are suggested to wear skirts and makeup, and make sure that their skin looks flawless. Adding to that, Karen stated, “I wanted to be a wedding photographer, but my boss said no because he didn’t think people would take me seriously because I am a girl.” Sadly to say, more than 23% of employed women were said to be not competent enough to do something because of their gender. Being a female should not decide the type of workforce a person is allowed to participate in.

In Athletics

Research provided by women in sports has found that 40% of women in the sports industry have faced discrimination, including 30% of women who said they have faced inappropriate behavior from coworkers. Hajra Khan from Pakistan speaks her view on ending discrimination: “In order for women to have true equality in sport, the media will need to begin to recognize women for their athletic ability and not their looks or personal life alone, but also, society will need to move away from the social conditioning of women into gender stereotyped roles and allow young girls to choose their own path, especially if that includes an interest in sports.”

Along with socializing girls to be more interested in looks and beauty, statistics show that male athletes get $179 million more in athletic scholarships than female athletes. Young girls wanting to do sports are being rejected from higher scholarships because of their gender, bringing down their self-esteem. Furthermore, the collegiate institutions only spend 24% of their athletic budgeting on female sports. Women put out the same amount of effort for the sports they’re passionate about just as men do.

In Education

On average, only 27% of women occupy higher education institutions, as well as most full-time professors being men. Women are often stereotyped as to how intelligent they are because of their appearance. For instance, a female with blonde hair might be addressed as dumb just because of her hair color. These stereotypes cause issues within education purposes. It also brings their self-esteem down. Moreover, over 30% of pregnant teens dropout of high school because they are seen to be not competent enough to handle being pregnant and getting an education. This is wrong! All women should be encouraged to participate in reaching a higher education no matter the circumstance they are facing.

Unequal Pay        

One of the biggest debates against women discrimination is that women are not getting equal pay. Women receive more college degrees than men do, yet they are being placed in jobs that give them lower income. In 2017, studies showed that female employees were earning 20% less than most men. A majority of us have heard the story of Catt Sadler quitting E! News after 12 years of working there. She found out her co-host Jason Kennedy was getting paid double her salary. Sadler proclaimed she wanted a raise because the pay was dramatically different and unfair but was denied her request. Jobs should not decide the amount of pay a person earns because of their gender.

It is now 2019 and a majority of women are still being discriminated against. Even though throughout the years we have learned to accept the “equality” between men and women, laws that make gender discrimination illegal do not stop it from happening. Therefore, everyone needs to stand up and fight for the end of women discrimination and the future towards restoring equal rights.

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