The Reality of High School

Alondra Alvarez, Staff Writer

We all have heard at least once that our high school years are the best of our lives, but there are lots of high school students who would disagree with that statement. High school is not at all like we see in the movies; it’s even more than that, and each individual student’s experiences are different. Some of us are surrounded by so many people, but we still feel alone. Others have never questioned their ability to fit in and connect. And while the movies seem to focus on the parties and dances, most students are instead staying up all night just to complete their homework or a big project. In this photo series, Junior Ashanti Anderson goes through some scenarios that may be familiar to most of us because while our experiences are incredibly different, at times they are incredibly similar as well.  At the end of it all,we can all say that while these years may not have been the best of our lives, they have definitely turned us into who we will be tomorrow and have prepared us for our future.