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Daniel Ochoa, Staff Writer

“Fyre” was released on Netflix Jan. 18, 2019. This documentary is based on an entrepreneur Billy McFarland who planned on creating an app named “Fyre” which gave people the ability to pay any artist they want to attend a personal party. In order to hype the app, he planned on advertising it through a huge Coachella-type festival hosted on an island previously owned by Pablo Escobar. But as one says, not everything goes as planned.

Overall, I give “Fyre” an 8 out of 10. I believe this documentary shows a really good behind-the-scenes glimpse of how Billy McFarland’s twisted mind worked and how, with the help of rapper Ja Rule, he was able to pull off an elaborate hoax. Obviously McFarland did not mean for the music festival to be an outright hoax, but with most of his colleagues constantly letting him know that his ideas would not be possible with such little time and money, it’s hard to understand why he never stopped to listen.

Furthermore, this documentary shows live footage of people who attended the Fyre Festival and their reaction to McFarland’s failed promises. Tourists paid thousands upon thousands of dollars for tickets to the festival and were looking forward to flying on a private jet, watching multiple performances from award-winning artists like Drake and 21 Savage, and hanging out with models. Guests were also looking forward to staying in luxury tents and eating gourmet meals. They were shocked to find they would be spending their time in the same tents set up for victims of natural disasters and their meals consisted of cheese sandwiches served in Styrofoam containers.

“Fyre” shows a life lesson on how the truth is better than lies and how living in reality is better than having money controlling one’s mind. This lets viewers leave with the thought of how money and trying to live quick can become a disaster.

DISCLAIMER: Sexually-Explicit Language is used in this documentary.