What Happened To All The School Spirit?


The Blaize Staff

Some students show off their Chicago pride on sports jersey day. Unfortunately, it seems the halls are less filled with students participating in spirit days, so Panthers need to step it up.

Paola Bahena , Staff Writer

It was that second week of January when student council hosted a spirit week before the winter formal. That Monday was pajama day and my friend and I went to school in our favorite PJs. As we walked into school, we saw that there weren’t many kids dressed up. My friend and I were shocked to see the lack of participation. As the days went by for spirit week, we saw that there was barely any participation at all.

Spirit week is just one example of our Panthers’ dwindling pride. There was going to be a Winter Formal Dance in January, but it was canceled due to the low ticket sales. Student council has been trying to refund all the money to people who bought tickets. And while it may seem kind of silly to get all worked up about people not wanting to dress up on spirit days or attend a dance, school spirit is important for a few reasons. School spirit has been proven to affect students positively and it is nice to break up the monotony of our school days with some fun when we can.

If the lack of participation continues, then it  is more likely going to affect students’ lives. For example, according to the National Federation Of State High School Associations,who partnered with Varsity Brands to conduct a survey about school spirit, “[s]tudents with low school spirit are more likely to have a lower GPA than those with higher levels of school spirit.” The national overall average GPA is 3.0, which means that students with lower levels of school spirit are more likely to perform below that.  That said, people who have low GPAs in high school  aren’t necessarily going to be unsuccessful in life, but higher GPAs reflect a student’s ability to stay motivated and dedicated and flexible. In a lot of ways, school spirit determines how students are going to act in the future because it is often linked with leadership, pride, and work ethic.

Beyond what school spirit means for our academic and professional futures, there also is the plain fact that sitting in a classroom all day everyday can sometimes make us bored and exhausted. It’s nice to have something entertaining to look forward to at the end of the week every once in a while. The more school spirit we have, the more administration and clubs like student council are inspired to host fun activities and assemblies. Those things allow us, for a minute, to forget about that one long essay or that presentation we have to do. School spirit is there to  bring a little bit joy to our days. And while you may not like all of the assemblies, it is fun to have a shortened class schedule and the opportunity to sit with friends.

Think the assemblies are boring? Don’t have anything in your closet to wear on a spirit day? Wish there was some different music at a dance? Then say something! Sometimes it is up to us, the students, to let our voices be heard. Members of student council are trying their best to create fun activities for the school and they would love input (or, even better, more people to join!). Instead of sitting around complaining, try offering up ideas to make things better. We can always contact student council by going to their Twitter (@rlhsstuco), or letting student council sponsor Mrs. Dani Navarro hear some ideas. You can also write a letter to the editor here at The Blaize. Or you can take a chance and attend a student council meeting. 

“We will never get to the point where we stop trying to have fun events and get students involved,” said sponsor Navarro. “There will always be the events that people associate high school with like Homecoming, Powder Puff and prom, but we will also continue to think of new exciting events like the addition of Dodgeball to keep students interested.” 

Bottom line, school spirit is not  going to go away soon, so it would just be better to join in on the fun and reap the benefits.