Club Shutdown


Photos provided by Mrs. Kera Sanchez and RLHS yearbook staff

Some images from activities Spanish and SOMOS Clubs participated in. Round Lake High School might be cancelling these clubs, among others, next year.

Perla Ramirez, Staff Writer

Kera Sánchez and Year book Photo
Spanish Club and SOMOS CLUB. Round Lake High School might be canceling clubs for the upcoming school year.

Junior Johanna Basurto is a dedicated weightlifting club member and was very disheartened when she received the horrible news that her club might be eventually cancelled because of lack of student participation. “Weightlifting is a good place to let stress off and it’s honestly the one place that helps me get my anger out,” she said.

Weightlifting Club is one of many Round Lake High School after school activities that faces cancellation because of low membership. RLHS’s Spanish Club, French Club, Round Lake Ambassadors, SOMOS Club, and Weightlifting Club have all been notified that they could be cancelled due to falling attendance numbers.

Some teachers have mentioned that more students are interested in joining sports, and clubs are suffering. “We need to promote a unified front across all sports and clubs, so that others have an example of what to follow,” said SOMOS Club sponsor Mr. Raul Rodriguez. “This will allow us to collaborate together and not compete against one another.”

RLHS has faced a long history of difficulties when it comes to getting kids involved in extracurricular activities. Some teachers believe that it is because students are not aware of how beneficial it is to see extracurriculars on college applications.

“I think students are very focused on academics and standardized tests scores, but their extracurricular activities gets undermined,” said Spanish Club sponsor Mrs. Kera Sanchez. “A well rounded student is the key to success!”

Club sponsors strive to make the after school activities an enjoyable and are trying hard to reach out to new students via social media.

“We work together to change the norms,” said Rodriguez. “We give the spotlight back to the students so that these activities are glorified for existing as opposed to something that no one knows about.”

“I try to post [on Instagram] a lot about what we do in the club, so if students are following us, they get a taste of what we do,” said Sanchez. She encourages students in Spanish Club to do the same.

Beyond looking good on college applications, clubs are also a great place to meet friends, pursue hobbies, and build a connection with the community. Students interested in any of these clubs can talk with their counselor to obtain more information.