The Aftermath Of My Emotions

Andrea Gutierrez , Staff Writer

Why is it that without you I can’t focus, I can’t think.

You left me here without explanation, just an incredible

Understandable excuse.

Every night that I’m alone I feel the pain running through

My heart, my throat, and just all the way back to where it originated.  

I can’t blame you of how I feel and why I’m feeling it,

You warned me how toxic you were, but I still took the risk.

Somehow I thought I was going to be fine, to stay happy,

When in reality I find myself inside this dark room relieving unforgettable memories.

Makes me happy that you’re happy

But makes me break down into pieces thinking you’re feeling that without me.

I can’t say I regret my decisions because I don’t,

It was worth it all the way to where it ended

Because even if time was consuming our love quickly,

I know for once it was something real.