Email To Mars


Rakicevic Nenad

Angela Lee Tucker, Staff Writer

Isobel Swanson had received a response from the Martian Aeronautics Research station. The encrypted email was either an acceptance letter or a declining letter for a one-way trip to Mars. Leaving Earth to explore what was out in space had been a dream Isobel had always wanted to accomplish. She didn’t really go out as much unless it had to do with her job and people she was close too. Finally, with all the confidence she could muster, she opened the email.
“Dear, Miss Swanson, we would like to congratulate you on being selected to be one of the candidates chosen for the trip to Mars. The day of the department will be on June 15, 2021. It is important to remember that training is an important factor of the trip and is required. You are suspected to go through two years of preparation with other candidates who were chosen as well. Becoming an astronaut will also inquire the understanding the basics of a space shuttle. For any cause of the emergency, having survival classes is also a very important class in taking. Please reply back to us as soon as you can to know so we can be received that you have received this email. We are excited to see you on the day of liftoff.”


Isobel screamed in excitement to the best email she had ever received.
“Thank you so much!! I would love to be part in the journey to Mars and will do my best in training. Thank you again!” Swanson moved the mouse over to the send and took a deep breath. There was no turning back after sending this email and surely she would make those she cared about upset after they found out she’d been selected. She had kept even applying  a secret to her family members and friends due to their rejection rather than support.


Her family wouldn’t hold her back for expanding humanity to a different planet. she was a very antisocial person and wasn’t one to do exciting everyday things. The most exciting day she could think of was getting her fish Henry. Isobel knew she could never fully make up for the time she would be gone,but maybe she could pass down Henry to one of her siblings. She got up from her chair, unplugging her phone from the charger and taking it from the table. Isobel walked over to the front door and sat at the edge of the couch to lift her leg and slide on her socks, then she tied her shoes with a double knot.
It was the beginning of January, so it was still pretty chilly outside requiring Isobel to wear her winter jacket. Stepping outside and locking the door behind her, Isobel walked to her car and unlocked it, then got inside, slamming the door. Going into Maps on her phone, she typed in the address to the training center to get things figured out and out of the way.  The drive there was pretty peaceful as she enjoyed the music that played on the radio. Casually, she would roll her eyes at a driver, but she wasn’t much of a person to rage.


Finally, she made it to her destination, parking her car closest to the entrance and exiting quickly. She made her way inside, admiring the artwork that was on the walls and ceiling. Standing behind the help desk was a lady with black hair, glasses, and a fancy uniform.
“Do you have an appointment?” asked the lady, she sounded bland and tired.

“I’m here to register my training to the train to Mars” Isobel replied.
The lady, whose name tag said Esther, looked onto the computer that sat in front of her. The sound of the mouse as she clicked echoed throughout the room. It was a very uncomfortable silence. Isobel started to glance around the room to make it less awkward for herself. “You aren’t on the list,” Esther broke the silence and certainly made Isobel looked back quickly. “What? I got an email saying I was. Is this a joke? Is there some mistake?”

“Miss, I’m sorry, but your name isn’t on the list,” Esther replied.Would you like me to write down a note for someone?”

Isobel shook her head. “No, it’s okay. Thank you.”

Isobel left the building, her heart filled with dread as she heard such depressing news. She closed the door to her car after entering and turned the key to start the engine. She sat there in her car for a good five minutes thinking about how quickly her dream went down the drain. Taking her phone, she looked through her emails and re-read the message that was sent to her. “This all just had to be a prank” Isobel thought “from Esther who probably hates her job.”
The thought of her life time goals finally started to sink in Isobel looked at her phone noticing a unopened email.
“Dear Miss, Swanson
The email you had received before was a mistake. Sadly, you will not be a part on the trip to Mars. We deeply apologize”
After reading the email Isobel hit her head on the steering wheel causing the horn to go off.