Natural Disasters Matter


Photo by Denniz Futalan from Pexels

People who live in coastal places suffer from natural disasters, losing everything they own.

Gema Dominguez

For many people, hearing the word “hurricane” come out from a TV, radio, alert or from someone else’s mouth makes fear runs through their veins. At times, the word hurricane can seem synonymous with life or death.

America has encountered lots of these deadly storms in the past couple of years, and people around the world are suffering from the after-effects of these terrifying natural disasters. To these appointed individuals, they risk losing a home with their precious memories or even losing a certain loved one.

While some people are rushing their kids out to the nearest safe zone, others are sitting in the comfort of their home, not needing to worry about something that doesn’t concern them. It’s true that certain places are untouched by the monstrosity of Mother Nature, and when the topic of hurricanes comes up, it’s guaranteed someone will say, “Well, people know what they’re getting into when they move to those places.” But is that fair to say? Because everyone is responsible for what occurs on this planet to some extent.

Ignorance is everywhere and without a doubt, many don’t know how they are contributors of climate change, which is one of the reasons certain areas have been experiencing frequent tropical storms. “Humans need to start becoming educated on climate change and the effects associated [with it],” said Ms. Morgan Gamble, an Earth science teacher at Round Lake High School. “We are seeing more and more dangerous natural disasters due to the changing weather patterns and ocean temperatures.

October’s Hurricane Michael was the third most intense hurricane in history and killed about 35-45 people in almost a month. It also left people stranded with absolutely nothing. This is common, especially to those who inhabit places like Florida and Georgia.

For the most part, it does seem like a lot of people reach out and try to help victims of natural disasters, but we should still find it in our hearts to step it up. Just helping others see how negatively global warming has affected the world might help raise awareness for people who are ignorant to see how damaged our world is. We need to help people understand the consequences of their actions so we can have a better tomorrow for this place we call home. It’s the only home we have and we must take care of it, for not only ourselves but for others.