The Flash is Back

Season five is back, and it’s better than ever.


Jens Mahnke

CW is bringing up its best season of “The Flash” yet, so make sure to park yourself in front of the TV on Tuesdays.

This season of “The Flash” might bring the series back to the top. After season four getting the lowest rating of all five seasons with a score of 5.7/10 according to IGN, video game and entertainment magazine. Season 5 had its work cut out for it in order to gain back ratings. After the defeat of Devou (the villain of season four), we were left with the biggest cliffhanger since season two, when the Flash’s daughter from the future shows up at his house.

“The Flash” is about the comic book character Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) becoming the fastest man alive and how he learns to use his powers. He and his team protect the city from metahuman (people with superpowers). I think The Flash is a good show that makes superheroes seems real with real problems and the audience can relate to that a lot more than just a bunch of people fighting.

The first episode of this season to begins right where the last season left off.  After Nora (Jessica Parker Kennedy) shows up, Barry does not want her to interfere with their tasks because she is from the future she can mess up the timeline. Nora says that she can’t go home because she made a mistake, but later she reveals that she can go home, but she just wanted to spend time with her dad. And Cicada (who is looking to become the main villain of the season and played by Chris Klein) has the ability to remove people’s powers using a lighting bolt-shaped knife.

I think that this episode had some amazing special effects. I also think that it’s good that they reveal the villain in the first episode rather than halfway through the season. My favorite thing was how they made references to older seasons and the other CW superhero shows, like when The Flash is wearing three of his suits from older seasons. I also think that this episode had some really good funny moments like Vibe being drunk. I think its good how Ralph (a new character introduced last season) is trying to catch up with what the team has been up to the past years, as it can help any new viewer find what has happened in other seasons. My only complaint would be Flash’s new suit, as the head is big and rubbery and looks like a step back for the suit.

In episode two, a metahuman named Block is trying to steal weapons so Nora and The Flash try to stop her, while Ralph (Halter Sawyer) and Caitlin(Danielle Panabaker) try to help Cisco(Carlos Valdes) get over his breakup. Nora tries really hard to be like her father. At the end Cicada knives Block right in front of The Flash and defeats The Flash, Cisco, and Ralph.

The ending was really good. I wasn’t expecting Cicada to show up and beat three heroes. It shows how powerful he is, and it good to once again see a villain that doesn’t spend most of time fighting the Flash from a distance. I think this episode had the worst villain ever. She was not that convincing and while she did kill someone by squishing them, I feel like her power is something a kid would come up with. I feel like this episode didn’t have enough action and was kind of slow. But it also had some good talks between characters that give them more substance than just being crime-fighting superheroes.

It seems like these season might revival season 1 for the best season as it is off to an amazing start. “The Flash” airs Tuesdays at 7:00 p.m.