Shane Dawson’s Controversial Video


Influencer Shane Dawson recently came out with an eight-part series on his YouTube Channel. The series focuses on fellow YouTuber Jake Paul, and Dawson talks about everything that goes on behind the camera. Dawson said that through the series, which debuted Sept. 25, he wanted to give Paul a second chance to show his truth, but people weren’t so happy about that.

For months now, Paul has received hate for a multitude of reasons—some are angered by how he made light of suicide in one of his videos, others are angered by his creating drama with fake accusations towards other influencers, and even more are upset by the assault accusations coming from his ex-girlfriend. Some of Dawson’s viewers weren’t happy with his decision to give Jake Paul a platform on social media again.

It seems Dawson made the decision to create this mini-documentary on Paul because of his own questions. “I want to know what’s his life like? What is Team 10? Is his house even real? Is it a set? Is his relationship real? Is the drama all fake? ‘Cause I literally don’t know anything, like I’m 30,” Dawson said when he first announced he was doing the series. Immediately the backlash started.

On the first episode of “The Mind Of Jake Paul,” Dawson talked about the backlash from his audience when he announced the series was going to be about Paul. People posted comments saying how much of a bad person Paul is, calling him a sociopath and a liar. Dawson was of course worried about these accusations since he didn’t know the extent of it.

The hate seemed to subside with the first episode and many viewers seemed to enjoy Dawson’s “behind-the-scenes” look at Paul’s life. Then the second episode came out. The second episode, titled “The Dark Side of Jake Paul,” was a direct response to the comments Dawson received, and he was set on determining the definition of a sociopath, how people with this condition act, and finding out if Jake Paul was one of them. Dawson reached out to Kati Morton, a licensed marriage and family therapist.

The whole video was Kati Morton and Dawson sitting down, breaking down what was a sociopath, how they act and how to possibly identify one. Most of his viewers weren’t happy at all since supposedly Kati Morton was violating her license as a therapist, even though she did later on comment that she was actually using the DSM-5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) and not any observations she had from dealing with Jake Paul directly. People on the second episode were also commenting on how she was not giving the right information to the viewers and how the information she gave was being used by users to self-diagnose themselves. Dawson, again fed up by all the negativity, ranted on his Snapchat and Instagram stories explaining that he didn’t mean for all of that to happen.

All of this back-and-forth and constant commenting and backlash definitely shows how much social media and the people in it can really change things around and make certain things negative when they never were negative to begin with. Dawson didn’t mean for his video to go in that direction since he was literally finding out the truth on who Jake Paul was. People claimed that Dawson stated that Paul was a sociopath, but in reality, he was just trying to find some answers and truth behind all of the ridiculous online comments. The backlash made Shane Dawson change up the series and making it more “likeable” for the people that got offended. This series ended with Jake Paul and Shane Dawson sitting down and talking about how he felt and why he acted the way he did. The last episode was the longest out of all of them since Shane did ask about a lot of topics he was involved in.