Honoring Heritage

Clubs at RLHS help students celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month.


Sam Brand on Unsplash

Sugar skulls were one of the many decorations adorning the halls at RLHS in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month.

Gema Dominguez, Staff Writer

Hispanic Heritage Month is a unique time where all the proud Hispanics of the United States gather around as they celebrate their roots and bring to life the traditions of their ancestors. Hispanic Heritage Month, which started Sept. 15 and goes until Oct. 15, is especially important and popular for students here at Round Lake Senior High School, as it shows the pride that students here carry from their family origins.

“Hispanic Heritage Month is a time of celebration for all Latino cultures that have contributed to the success of the United States,” said Mr. Raul Rodriguez, the sponsor of SOMOS club.  SOMOS stands for Students Organizing a Multicultural Open Society, and the organization provides students and their families with resources on immigration issues and provides students with leadership skills so they can be active within their communities.  Rodriguez was one of the many teachers and students that helped to celebrate Hispanic heritages here at RLHS. 

The SOMOS club adorned the school with vivid colors. Walking the halls, students could have seen decorations such as the bright colors of the papel picado (pecked paper) or the display table sitting at the front foyer with famous Latinos and their accomplishments. The school also decided to have a day with Spanish music flowing through the halls. This was done during passing periods. During lunch hours, Spanish Club would play a requested song for 50 cents. Some of the song choices even caused dance battles in the commons.

Many students find celebrating this event to be very important. “I think it’s the best time to express your family’s origins,” said Bryan Dominguez, RLHS student. “It’s also a great way to make many people feel like they’re included and a part of a group. I find it very important to show where I come from and what my culture has to share with others.”