Homecoming Trends 2018

Alondra Alvarez

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There comes a time in every girl and boy’s life when they have to shop for the perfect homecoming outfit, determine the perfect makeup look, and hairstyle. And considering it’s that time of the year with homecoming this week, The Blaize is here for it. Elsa Barrios is a junior at Round Lake High School. She is also a cosmetology student at tech campus and used her expertise to provide some ideas for hair and makeup for this year’s dance.

Keep it simple!      

               There are certainly a diverse range of homecoming dresses to choose from, but usually girls seem to be loving simple dresses this year around. According to Kelsey Stiegman style editor at Seventeen Magazine, girls are looking for color dresses that best fit their skin tone and that would best fit their homecoming dates.

Put your best face forward!

               According to Barrios, the perfect makeup depends on the dress. For instance, a red, simple dress would best be paired with a dramatic,smokey eye and red lip. Barrios added that if a girl is wearing an extravagant dress, she should consider doing a more simple makeup look in order to keep the spotlight on the dress. As always, YouTube is a wonderful resource for anyone struggling with preparing their face on Saturday.

Some tips for the guys!

               Ladies aren’t the only ones looking good Saturday evening. According to Seventeen Magazine, the main option that young men can wear is just the classic homecoming suit with a bow or tie of their choice. Picking a shirt or tie to match a date is also very fashionable. For a comfortable and affordable suit, a very good place would have to be Macy’s.

Alondra Alvarez, Staff Writer

Being in a school with over 1,000 students,16 year-old Junior, Alondra Alvarez stands out and is one of a kind in her own unique way. Alvarez is a very...

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Homecoming Trends 2018