The Welcoming of Infinite Campus


Andrea Gutierrez

Junior, Cindy Patino looking at the Infinite Campus app.

After anxiously trying to figure out how to check her grades on Infinite Campus, Round Lake High School Junior Jayda Delatorre complained to her teacher about the new student information system that Round Lake Area Schools District 116 implemented on August 6.

Previously, all District 116 schools used Skyward as its student information system. Administration made the decision to change because of the way Skyward balanced the calculation of grades with the standards-based gradebook, said Assistant Principal Mr. Baird. He explained that Infinite Campus could do what Skyward couldn’t.  

Teachers have had mixed reactions about the change. For some teachers like Ms. Gina Mayer, the welcoming of Infinite Campus was an exciting experience since she’d work with it in her past and really likes it.

Others are still trying to get used to this change. “It has been difficult that we are not able to see behavior referrals, so like if a student has an out of school suspension we are not able to see why the student got in trouble, which kind of stinks,” said English teacher, Mrs. Rachel Vlies.

Students are struggling with not being able to see a clear breakdown of their grades. “I dislike that I can’t see my grades easily or see what’s bringing my grades down,” said Delatorre.  

District 116 is still working closely with Infinite Campus in order to fix any glitches. Since it is still relatively early in the year, it’s also important to wait until teachers’ gradebooks have more assignments because then it will be easier to figure out if Infinite Campus is calculating correctly. But administration understands students are struggling with the change and plans are being made for a presentation to help students navigate the new system. Students will learn how the gradebook works and how they can see a true break down of their grades. They will also learn about all the new features Infinite Campus offers.  

Once everything is working properly, Baird believes that Infinite Campus will be a much better fit for students, teachers, and their parents, especially because Infinite Campus has strong messaging features that will make communication between parents and teachers much easier than in the past.

For now, students and teachers have to deal with the growing pains. “I kinda use the analogy of it’s like switching from an iPhone to an Android phone, the system can do everything but it’s all kind of tricky at first and you have to learn how new stuff looks like,” Baird said. “It is just a matter of getting used to the process.”