Friday Night Lights


Ana Hernandez

RLHS’s Superfans cheering for the Round Lake Panthers.

Ana Hernandez and John Brown

John Brown

The stadium lights illuminated the field as the marching band played the welcoming song before the game started. Super fans cheered and screamed their guts out as they jumped in the school colors, blue and maize. It was Friday night, football time.

    The Round Lake High School’s football team played their third home game against Fox Lake’s Grant High School Sept. 7, which resulted in a 6-32 loss. Although the Panthers did not take a W this past week, they are definitely coming for it for the end of the season.

    As cheers of  “Let’s go, Round Lake! Let’s go!”  echoed from the bleachers, RLHS football players pushed themselves to better their game and put on a show for the Round Lake community. The game wasn’t the only exciting thing happening throughout the night though, as all of our seniors were celebrating their senior night.

“It was a great night for the team, school, and community overall,” said Coach Jeffrey Baird. “[There was a] lot of community and familial support on Friday and it was a special event to be a part of.”

As the seniors from the football and cheerleading team said goodbye to what they most love doing, their coaches and teammates held up posters and gave them their goodbye goodie bags. The senior cheerleaders were especially emotional, tears running down their faces as they performed for the audience in the stands and the football team.

“The love my teammates and coaches have for us is amazing,” Senior varsity cheerleader Diana Marin said. “When they called our names and actually announced the seniors, it got me very sad yet excited because I [am] soon going to start a new part of my life but I still [don’t] want the high school experience to end.”

The goal for the Panthers this whole season is to push through each game and to aim for the touchdown.  “[Our] goal for every game is the same and independent of every other game: go 1-0.”

While the loss against Grant was a letdown, both the cheerleading team and coaches and players on the football team agree that everything is off to a great start. Marin explained that this year the cheerleaders have made lots of progress throughout the summer and have both coaches and teammates who support one another and hope nothing but success for each other. As for the football team, Coach Baird said that not only is this year’s group the youngest varsity group he has ever had in his time at RLHS, but also one of the hardest working teams he has ever worked with.

Although the Panthers had a rough game this past week, nothing stops them from pushing through. For this kickoff season, the players have lots of hopes and goals set and will hopefully achieve them as they thrive for success. They experienced another loss against the North Chicago Warhawks, but hope to pull it together this Friday, where they will be away playing Grayslake Central.